Youth Programs

Our youth programs benefit from our extensive experience of working with young people. Now in our sixth year, our BrainWave office has helped many youth in their journey to overcome all types of challenges. We have also worked with young people in other capacities, such as youth groups, summer camps and residential recovery programs.

Image: Group of youth jumping in the air together.

BrainWave Training uses state-of-the-art technology to balance and harmonize brain function. Most people find the process relaxing and easy. Typically people who have received BrainWave Training describe themselves as feeling 'more relaxed', 'happier', 'sleeping better', and generally 'feeling more like themselves.' BrainWave Training can also help people overcome all kinds of serious challenges--including overcoming depression, anxiety, concussion, problems concentrating and lack of confidence, to name a few. BrainWave Training is truly the vanguard in re-patterning the brain toward functioning optimally.

Learn more about the leading-edge BrainWave Training technology used in our Youth Programs.

Graphic: a man's head with radiant brainwave.

NHL Player
“The technology is phenomenal. The biggest change for me is waking up in the morning. I have way less of a headache; a lot less – where now it’s easy to wake up. I even got to play football yesterday with my little boys and I didn’t feel like it knocked me out at all. That was the first time in two years, so that was great. ”
~ Kurt Sauer

"After Brainwave Optimization, I feel more like who I am supposed to be..."
~D.H., 52

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