Brain Training Testimonials

~Stories of Personal Triumph~

These Brain Training testimonials are stories of personal triumph from individuals who have experienced many different remarkable benefits through brain training intensives...

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Business Owner
C.H., 40
“Five years ago I had a nasty accident. It affected my brain and left me plagued with a long list of symptoms. I was a shadow of my former self. I couldn’t function anywhere near the way I once did. Doctors could do nothing and there was no chance that things would improve. It felt like a death sentence. It was miserable.

I...have done 45 sessions over three visits. The results have been utterly astounding. This technology has made a spectacular difference in my life. It has given me the chance at a new life, and given me a life I would never have had. This technology has freed my brain from a life sentence. I’m your biggest fan. Seriously big thanks.”

Mother & Office Manager
H.H., 38
“You have given my son and I a new lease on life. I was afraid of my own child and you helped him to deflate his anger and gain control over his actions. My own training helped me see the potential of my life instead of focusing on the negative. Incredible!”

“Hi! Just want to thank you so much for what you are doing and for what you have done for me! After I left on Friday, I decided to remain “med free” until I felt that I noticed (or someone else lovingly told me) that I needed to return to the Adderall. I felt so balanced, focused, calm and present that I didn’t want to mess it up! I am happy to report that I am on day 11 and haven’t resorted to taking the Adderall. My husband says that he loves the focus, the balance and the “lack of crisis and cramming too much into one day” that he experienced since my return. The funny thing is that I still am “me”!!! Only better!”

Restaurant Manager / Writer
E.M., 43
“I cannot tell you how much of a change “brain training” has made in my life. It totally helped me in getting a great night’s sleep every night. I also had a paralyzing fear of the dentist which is no longer a part of my life. If the benefits ended there, I would have been more than happy, but it gets better. I am an aspiring children’s writer (published once) working on my second book. After a session dedicated to sparking my creativity, a title came to me & several chapters of writing. I am looking forward to a few more sessions soon because with the last training session, I experienced a total cleansing of past hurts & challenges. After that session instead of sleeping like a baby, I practically relived my entire life and was able to visualize everything without tears or regret. It was the most poignant night of my life & since then my life is the happiest life I could ever imagine.”

“My sleep is good, all in all better than since I was in my teens. I go to sleep fairly quickly, can nap on a plane, that sort of thing. I still wake up in the middle of the night, but at worst can take a tranquilizer and go back to sleep. Still haven’t taken a sleeping pill in several weeks. Oh, and my blood pressure on Friday - without a pill - was 124 over 90. Maybe a little high on the low end, but certainly not at the upper. With the pill, in July (before my sessions), it was something like 115 over 70. Definitely better than before I started my sessions!”

World Class Swimmer & Financial Services Manager
X.X., 33
“X.X. is a world class swimmer and manager of over 150 people in a financial institution. After training for 5 sessions, she was able to beat her 30-year best time record, and two days later completed a business plan in hours that would have taken her months to complete previously. “Within the first 5 sessions, I was able to beat my own 30-year best record! The training has given me a whole new perspective.”

J.S., 43
“The intensive has helped me in many ways... I’ve given up my addiction to adrenaline. Can you imagine not being late to every appointment, not speeding in rush-hour traffic, and not guzzling six cups of coffee a day? Today I’m relaxed and in control of my time and my life.”

BrainWave Optimum Brain Training
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"After BrainWave Training, I feel more like who I am supposed to be..."
~DH, 52, Photographer

"I have received BrainWave Training elsewhere and I really appreciate what you two in particular bring to the brain training experience, both as individuals and with your holistic backgrounds."
~VB, 70, Retired Principal

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