Brain Training Retreats

Imagine taking a week or more to give yourself healing on a deep level...
Brain Training Retreats combine meditation and personal growth with state-of-the-art technology to optimize brain function. The result is a deeply relaxing, neurologically balancing, wonderfully transformative and healing experience...

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"After 5 days of brain training, I felt like I had been on holiday for 3 weeks!"
~JP, 38, Business Owner

"I've meditated for 20 years--been on all kinds of yoga and meditation retreats--in one week of brain training, I got to a very deep place that I've only touched once or twice after being on long retreats. My brain feels like I do when I've been meditating in the forest for weeks. But the effects of brain training last longer!"
~JB, 43, Avid Meditator

How long does it take?
Brain Training Retreats are done in 5 days or more. In a five day series, there are 2 sessions per day; each session is about 2 hours long. One week is the minimum in order to encourage the brain to adopt the healthy new neural networks as the predominant patterns. Additional sessions reinforce the new patterns and offer further benefit.

Where does it take place?
Brain Training Retreats are done in beautiful Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna is best known as a tourist destination. It offers the geographic beauty of gentle mountains and the Okanagan Lake which is 79 miles long! Kelowna has 4 distinct seasons, offers a wide range of recreation, restaurants and culture.

What are the qualifications of my brain trainers?
Your brain trainers qualifications include: Master Brain Trainer Certificate, Certified Meditation Instructor, Master's Degree, etc.

Where will I be staying?
We recommend the hotel 1.5 blocks down the street. Your room is about a 5 minute walk from the Brain Training and Meditation Centre. Within a short distance, a variety of accommodation is available to suit all budgets. We are located in the charming Pandosy Village area which is near to beaches, parks, ethnic restaurants and artisan bakeries.

How much does it cost?
Current as of December 2015...
5 day Intensive is CAD $1795, plus 5% GST (Federal Tax)
10 sessions (about 2 hours each), includes Brain Mapping Assessment & Brain Training. Ask us how to get the best rate possible at the hotel next door. There are a wide range of restaurants and several grocery stores within walking distance, so food costs are your choice!

How do I book a Brain Training Retreat?
Phone us at: 250.448.8544
We can be booked a month in advance, so it is best to plan ahead.
A deposit of 50% is required in order to hold a booking.

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Kelowna Views, Okanagan Valley & Lake:

Hiking Trails, Sunrise, & Spring Wildflowers:

Image: gentle mountain hiking trail with Ponderosa pine tree.
Image: Okanagan sunrise with mountains, lake and Yucca flowers.
Image: spring balsam flowers on mountain side near Kelowna, BC

Golf Course & Vineyards:

Image: city of Kelowna with golf course in foreground, lake & mountain in background.
Image: Okanagan Lake with green vineyard in foreground.

Kelowna with Autumn Colors & Orchard Sunset:

Image: City of Kelowna with fall colors, lake & mountain.
Image: orchard with Okanagan Lake, mountains & sunset sky.

"I loved the whole experience. I flew directly to Kelowna International Airport. The hotel was comfortable and clean. The brain trainers are excellent: very calm, gentle, and knowledgeable. The Okanagan Valley is gorgeous. I came away feeling happier, more creative, and sleeping better than I have in years. It's a bonus I have new tools to meditate!"
~VB, 67, B&B Operator

"I learned a lot about myself in 5 days. The meditation & healing centre is peaceful and beautiful. Having caring, skilled brain trainers who walk you through this transformative process is a rare gift. I highly recommend doing a BrainWave Retreat."
~S.S., 52, Holistic Healer

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BrainWave Optimum Brain Training
Kelowna, BC (in the Okanagan Valley)
Phone: (250) 448-8544

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"After BrainWave Training, I feel more like who I am supposed to be..."
~DH, 52, Photographer

"I have received BrainWave Training elsewhere and I really appreciate what you two in particular bring to the brain training experience, both as individuals and with your holistic backgrounds."
~VB, 70, Retired Principal

Optimum Brain Training

2979 Pandosy St., Suite #3
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 1W1

(250) 448-8544

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